Give your garden the lawn it deserves with best lawns.

Gather all your materials before you start:

  • Skip – For removing turf and vegetation
  • Spade
  • Hand Roller or Vibrating Plate – For compacting the sharp sand
  • Turf Cutter – to remove your old lawn
  • Sharp Stanley Knife
  • Large Pair of Scissors
  • Sharp Sand – recommend 1 Ton per 10m2
  • Weed Barrier
  • Treated Timber
  • Hammer and Nails


Remove your top layer of turf and continue digging down to 40mm depth. Flatten the earth down. Wooden timber battens can be installed around the perimeter to allow you to screw your artificial grass into place.


Fill the area between the wooden battens up to the top using Sharp Sand. Spread, level and compact the sub base with a hand roller or vibrating plat until flush with the top of the wooden battens.


Lay your weed barrier over the sand, pegging the weed barrier to the wooden battens when possible to help hold it in place.


Using a sharp Stanley knife; carefully cut around obstacles and cut away any excess artificial grass material that isn't required.


Using wood/decking screws fic your new artificial lawn directly over and onto thw wood battens. Trimmming any excess grass off using a sharp Stanley knife.


Using a stuff yard brush, brush tha artificial grass firmly to help the pile stand. Please note: it isd not unusual for your artificial grass to be somewhat flat for a week or two. Just continue to brush during this period.

How to join two sections together


Adjacent rolls should be laid together with the grass pile pointing in the same direction. Butt both surfaces together ensuring a straight line.


The seaming tape and glue is used to permanently join the two rolls together. Unroll the seaming tape along the seam line, ensuring equal tape laid centrally along the seam, under the artificial grass edges.


Apply the adhesive to the top surface of the seaming tape. Fold artificial grass edges onto the joining tape and glue. Use weight on top of the artificial grass over night to enhance the strength of the joint.

Maintance Notes:

We advice brushing your artificial grass thoroughly every 2 to 3 week to ensure your grass looks great all year round, whilst remaining free from any natural growth and debris.


Install guide