Give your garden the lawn it deserves with best lawns.


Are you fed up of watering and cutting your lawn? Then browse our amazing range of artificial grasses. Including a choice of lengths, density and colour mixes, our range really does offer unbeatable value and choice so you can get just the look you need

Your garden is an extension of your home, so why not make it look its best all year round. Here at Best Lawns we strive to bring the best products to our customers, this is why we have decided to stock the Maze Grass range exclusively. We have tried other brands in the past and found that nothing compares to the quality and range we have found with Maze Grass

The first thing to consider when choosing an artificial grass is the purpose you are looking for. Is it to replace an existing lawn, attractively surface a play area or overhaul an outside area? Depending on the purpose it will dictate what density you need. The more hardwaring or high traffic the area the higher the density we would recommend.

Artificial grass is available direct from Best Lawns on a speedy delivery service as standard. If you would like to discuss any of our products please call 01616811585 or email us at and we will assist.

You can also view our Best Lawns Sizing Guide to help you work out how much you need to order.

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Yes, soft to touch on delicate feet and paws but also very hard wearing and with a completely natural look, all of our Best Lawns products have been designed with children & pets in mind. Our odourless non toxic lawns are perfect for play time and can be simply hosed down when required for a quick clean. You'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner!

No it will not. At Best Lawns we guarantee our lawns for 10 years against UV fading and frost damage. Best Lawns artificial fibres have been UV stabilised to comply with quality standards. It is also flame retardent and water resistant.

Yes, our turf is suitable for hard surfaces - it can be fitted to areas such as concrete, flat roofs or balconies for example - providing there is good drainage and it is free from any residue, weeds/moss and broken concrete. Apply Best Lawns adhesive directly on to the latex backing on the reverse of the grass and apply to the surface. Decking is also another surface that can be covered by Best Lawns - providing the decking has been treated, our artificial grass can be laid and secured using green tanalised timber screws. Your outdoor area will soon be transformed with Best Lawns!

Best Lawns requires very little maintenance. Once installed correctly you can sit back and enjoy a lush green lawn all year round. Forget mowing, weeding, watering & fertilising which all come with a natural lawn - with Best Lawns our turf once laid will benefit from a good 10 minute brushing every 2-3 weeks to avoid a build up of naturally occuring moss or debris. Think of all that time & money that will be saved!

To keep your Best Lawns turf clean, brushing with a broom to remove any natural build up of debris followed by a quick hose down will be sufficient, or if pets are using the area soap and water can also be applied. A good brush will also keep the pile standing.

Yes however, we strongly recommend that you follow our simple step by step Best Lawns artificial grass installation guide. Following our installation guide will ensure that your product can be installed correctly, and ensure that it remains trouble free for many years to come.

At Best Lawns our artificial grass has been designed for easy DIY installation. Some people may ask a landscaper to prepare the ground work for them. However, the installation of the Best Lawns artificial grass is very straight forward if you follow the step by step Best Lawns artificial grass installation guide and use the recommended equipment.

We offer an installation guide to assist you if you want to carry out the work yourself, however we can also offer a free of charge no obligation quote for installation by our approved network of installers.

  • Your Best Lawns Grass will look lush green all year round!
  • No watering, no mowing, no mud
  • Very little maintenance
  • UV fade & Frost resistant
  • Durable, with a double layer latex backing
  • Easy to clean & more hygienic - a quick hose down and brush every few weeks is all that's required
  • Aesthetically pleasing - our Evergreen lawns have a completely Natural appearance
  • Ideal for areas of heavy use - artificial grass can last for years in high usage areas such as kids play areas
  • Artificial grass is very practical around swimming pools, roof top gardens, exhibition displays, television sets, etc.

You can call us on 01616811585  or email us at for professional advice.