Give your garden the lawn it deserves with best lawns.

Best Lawns is the perfect artificial Grass for Families & Children

Designed for children's safety, comfort and enjoyment!

Best Lawns is the first choice for Artificial Grass; designed, manufactured and tested to International Standards with children in mind, you can trust that our turf will be completely safe and comfortable for your family playtime.

Hard wearing and great natural looking surfaces, you won't regret choosing Best Lawns. 


Why you should choose Best Lawns for your family garden...

Our products are non toxic & safe: Best Lawns grass consists of no harmful components, plus it's soft on delicate skin and should your child take a tumble, is as soft to fall on as natural grass. 

Best Lawns grass can be used all year round: Even after a downpour the lawn will drain quickly with the advantage of plenty of drainage holes, together with the integrity of our artificial grass it can last up to 20 years!  

No grass burns:  Unlike astroturf football surfaces, Best Lawns will not cause skin burns. 

Ideal for football & childrens play time: For peace of mind our products are sold with a 5 year warranty however our artificial grass is pretty much indestructable! It's made to the highest standards, so you can rest easy that your childs playtime & kick-abouts will not damage your artificial turf but will bring you, as well as them, plenty of enjoyment.


Which artificial grass is the best for my young family?

As advised above our Best Lawns products have been manufactured with children in mind however so that your children have a softer, more comfortable surface to play around on we would recommend you lay a turf with a high stitch count such as our 40mm York; this has a thicker thatch and longer pile height to ensure a safer foundation.

If you require assistance in choosing artificial grass to suit your family needs or for any further assistance you can contact us on 01616811585 or email us at where we will be happy to assist.